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Ring number: 15-1303241 Gender: Cock Colour: Red Checker Son of the Top bird ‘Red Thunder’; 7th 12th 36th NPO in 2010 Sire: is the Red Thunder who is a son of the super breeder Rooie Japie x the Tarbes Hen Dam: is the young stock hen 14-1559625, bred from the best lines of Harold Zwiers x Jelle Jellema. Limoosje, Rooie Japie, Saffier, Nirvana, Zwart Goud. Red Thunder won in 2010: 7th/1517 Bordeaux’10 VNCC/NPO 12th/3266 Periqueux’10 VNCC/NPO 36th/2948 Brive’10 VNCC/ NPO Rooie Japie is sire to the Red Laidy 12-1164240 daughter Rooie Japie • 4th NPO Bergerac against 3737 birds • 9th National against 10327 birds • 12th against 20584 birds in Sect.2, 3, and 4 total 09-1762908, daughter Rooie Japie: • 16th/1517 NPO Bordeaux’10 • 177th/5512 Nat. St. Vincent’11 • 69th/9369 Nat. Cahors’11 Rooie Appie 13th/2641 NPO Bergerac and also 51st/10.956 Bergerac total Grandfather of ‘Rooie Annie’, 10-442 • 14th/2690 VNCC Brive (116e/11957 Nat. Brive) 2010 • 6th/1520 NPO Albi (34e/5949 Nat. Albi) 2012 • 2nd/1779 NPO Cahors 1779 (21st Nat. 6542 birds) 2013 Grandfather of ‘Bergina’: · 10th/2641 Bergerac’15 and also the 30th/10.956 Bergerac total · 35th/2651 Bergerac’14 · 44th/1458 Bergerac’15 · 152nd/1397 Limoges’15 · 588th/8523 Periqueux’14 References Rooie Japie • Johanna de Groot of Vroomshoop won with Red Sonja a 1st VNCC St. Vincent against 1108 birds (15th National )with a granddaughter of Rooie Japie • U. Jellema, Steggerda won with a Super talent and offspring of Rooie Japie a 10th NPO Bergerac • Jelle Jellema, Nijverdal won with the 13-400, granddaughter Rooie Japie/Limoosje a 33rd Nat. Cahors 8594 birds • Jelle Jellema, Nijverdal won with Tara a descendant of Rooie Japie a 27th Nat. Cahors 8594 b. • Jelle Jellema, Nijverdal won with Tara a descendant of Rooie Japie a 19th Bergerac total 10.956 b. birds U. Jellema won with a grandchild of Rooie Japie a 13th NPO Bergerac 2015

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